On Being a One-Eyed, One-Armed Director

060313-MAG-38-5-oneeyed_michaela-MainI recently wrote for Theatre Bay Area magazine about my first experience directing a play after my stroke:

In June 2008, at the age of 36, I had a stroke that paralyzed the left side of my body and destroyed the vision in my right eye. I could not bend or lift my left arm, open my left hand or take a step with my left leg. I spent most of my day in a wheelchair. I was sure that my career as an emerging theatre director and producer had been destroyed as well.

When my stroke hit, I had been in New York for almost 10 years. I had my own theatre company, Flying Fig Theatre, which I cofounded with Heather Ondersma. I had directed or produced eight plays for Flying Fig, and my production of “Shiloh Rules” by Doris Baizley had received a favorable review in the New York Times. For my day job, I did fundraising at New York Theatre Workshop, which allowed me to meet many of the most creative people in the business and watch them developing their work.

The Lady Scribblers: June 28-30, 2013

Butterfield 8 Logo

Staged Readings of

The Lady Scribblers

by Michaela Goldhaber
Directed by Heather Ondersma

Friday June 28 at 8pm,
Saturday, June 29 at 8pm,
and Sunday June 30 at 3pm

Housewives and poets raised aloft their quills,
challeng’d the world to look beyond their frills
and dared to mount the stage with their brave words.
Soaring on their wits rose these bright birds.

London in the 1690s: Women playwrights are clamoring to get their work produced and actors are fighting with tyrannical management. The Lady Scribblers is a historical comedy that follows a triumvirate of women playwrights who join forces with rebel actors to found a new theatre. Scribblers is peppered with actual history, salted with rhyming couplets, and further seasoned by Restoration Comic style.

At Cue Productions Live
1835 Colfax Street, Concord, CA 94520